ESS - Credence Schwarz Rahmen Rauchgrau Brillenglas - EE9015-04

ESS - Credence Schwarz Rahmen Rauchgrau Brillenglas - EE9015-04
ESS - Credence Schwarz Rahmen Rauchgrau Brillenglas - EE9015-04
ESS - Credence Schwarz Rahmen Rauchgrau Brillenglas - EE9015-04
ESS - Credence Schwarz Rahmen Rauchgrau Brillenglas - EE9015-04
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Perfectly made ballistic glasses with a cut referring to classic designs, which thanks to polycarbonate lenses and exceptionally solid frame will provide maximum protection of vision.

By using the highest quality materials, the manufacturer has managed to combine ballistic strength with low weight. The lenses are 2.2 mm thick and thanks to ESSOPTICS™ technology, are free of any image distortion in the entire field of view. Lenses in addition to the guarantee of protection against mechanical factors provide 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation. The ESS ToughZone™ Anti-scratch Lens Coating technology increases the resistance to scratches.

The model is characterized by an extremely accurate facial contour thanks to the arched frame design. In combination with the large temples, this ensures that the eyes are perfectly protected not only from the front, but also from the sides. The large size of the temple also allows for the use of an extremely robust hinge based on a massive mandrel. Once opened, the temple is locked in place to ensure that it remains stable even after long-term use.

Despite the massive frame design, the field of view remained extremely wide, even compared to other designs with a smaller full frame. The use of a special polymer makes the structure resistant to wear and falls. Thanks to the low profile of temples, glasses work perfectly with all kinds of headsets, hearing protectors, hats and helmets.

Thanks to the attractive, discreet design of Credence™, they are suitable not only for professional use but also as a part of everyday outfit.

ESS Credence™ Eyepieces meet U.S. MIL SPEC MIL-PRF-32432 (, ANSI Z87.1-2015, CE and US Federal OSHA ballistic standards.

- Credence™ glasses with black frame and Smoke Gray lenses
- Microfibre bag for storage and cleaning


We invite you to read the ESS lens and glasses sizes chart presenting:

  • value of visible light transmission (VLT) for all ESS lenses - it is helpful in choosing the color of the lens in terms of the environment in which it will be used
  • information on the impact resistance - why should we choose the ESS glasses
  • frames sizes of all ESS glasses models - useful in the optimal adjustment of glasses to the size and shape of the user's face
  • information about the completion of ESS glasses sets - One?, 3LS?, 2X? - these markings will no longer be a secret

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