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Lens card and ESS glasses sizes

ESS Crossbow Suppressor One Ballistic Glasses Hi-Def Copper
ESS Credence Ballistic Glasses Smoke Gray
ESS Crossbow One Ballistic Glasses Smoke Gray

ESS (Eye Safety Systems) is a leading supplier of glasses and goggles to the U.S. Army and military, police, fire and emergency services in more than 100 countries worldwide. Created to protect its users in the most unfriendly environments known to us, ESS glasses and goggles have been designed using the latest technology and patented solutions.

At the heart of the company's strategy is to create high quality products tailored to the specific needs of its users, providing them with products that provide eye protection at the highest level. ESS products are NATO compliant, have NSN numbers and are listed on the NATO Logistics Stock Exchange (NLSE) - NAMSA.

ESS glasses and goggles are manufactured in the USA in ISO 9001-certified factories and have a two-year warranty covering manufacturing defects and quality. The motto of the company is Built for Battle. Tough for Life.


(VLT) Visible Light Transmittance

VLT (Visible Light Transmittance) is the percentage of light passing through the eyepiece viewfinder. For example, a model with a VLT of 23 transmits 23% of visible light (not to be confused with UV), blocking the remaining 77%. The lower the VLT value, the dimmer the viewfinder.

Follow the guide below to choose your glass color and VLT ratio taking into account the conditions you are most often in. Regardless of VLT, all ESS lenses provide 100% UVA / UVB protection.

NOTE: The lens colours shown in the chart are only a visualisation and may not match the actual product colour. The colour availability of the lens varies depending on the model selected.


VLT: 90

For indoor and night use. No impact on contrast or colour perception.


VLT: 86 - 24

Designed for all lighting conditions with Transitions Optics™ Light Adapting Technology. The lens changes colour from transparent to dimmed, 50% activation time is 11 seconds and 90% in less than a minute.


High Contrast Yellow
VLT: 85

Very little light. High contrast perfect for very low light conditions.


High Contrast Bronze
VLT: 62

Light from flat to weak. Filters blue light to increase contrast and improve the perception of colour depth in cloudy or shaded conditions.


High Contrast Copper
VLT: 32

Light from flat to medium. It improves contrast and perception of depth in blue and green.


Mirrored Copper
VLT: 23

Light from flat to bright. It improves contrast and perception of depth in blue and green and reflects the glow of sunlight.


Smoke Gray
VLT: 15

Light from medium to bright. A universal, all-day viewfinder offering neutral colour perception.


Polarized Gray
VLT: 15

Extremely bright conditions and reflective surfaces. Extremely effective in reducing glare, it offers neutral colour perception.


Mirrored Blue
VLT: 13

Light from medium to extremely bright. Similar to the Mirrored Silver mirror viewfinder, but with an anti-reflective mirror finish in blue.


Mirrored Gray
VLT: 12

Light from medium to extremely bright. A universal viewfinder that reduces glare and offers neutral colour perception.


Polarized Mirrored Blue
VLT: 11

Extremely bright light and being in an aquatic or glacial environment. Polarized, mirror-like anti-reflection finish in blue.


Polarized Mirrored Gray
VLT: 9

Intense, dazzling light and being in an aquatic or glacial environment. It is most effective in reducing glare and offering neutral colour perception.


The safety glasses are tested with steel BBs
Ballistic glasses conforming to U.S. MIL SPEC standards are tested with metal rollers caliber .15

High Velocity Impact

ESS goggles and goggles exceed the high-speed impact protection test of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). According to ANSI Z87.1, the quarter-inch steel BB is shot from three different heights and at seven different angles. To pass the test, contact between the lens and the eye is not permitted during impact. In addition, no part of the frame or lens shall fragment during an impact.

High mass impact resistance

ESS goggles and goggles also exceed the requirements for protection against high weight impacts. As part of the ANSI Z87.1 heavy-duty impact test, the viewfinder is struck by a 500 gram metal spike dropped from a height of 130 cm. To pass the test, no part of the frame or viewfinder must fragment during impact.

The military standard means that the glasses will withstand more than 6 times higher kinetic energy than the ANSI Z87.1 standard for safety glasses and goggles. ESS brand ballistic glasses exceed US military standards.

American military standards require ballistic eye protection to be able to withstand:

- for glasses: 700 - 725 ft/s (~213 - 221 m/s) at .15
for ANSI Z87.1 is the impact resistance of a steel BB with a diameter of .25 inch and a speed of 150 ft/s (~46 m/s)

- for goggles: 580 - 590 ft/s (~177 - 180 m/s) at .22
for ANSI Z87.1 is the impact resistance of a steel BB with a diameter of .25 inch and a speed of 250 ft/s (~76 m/s)

Okulary ochronne testowane są za pomocą stalowych kulek
Okulary balistyczne zgodne z normami U.S. MIL SPEC testowane są za pomocą metalowych walców kaliber .15


The variety of models and their dimensional versions allows for a perfect fit to the face and, consequently, more precise protection. In addition to the fixed-size models, Modular Fit glasses are also available, allowing you to adjust them by selecting the nose size or viewfinder width. The basic set, depending on the version, will include glasses in basic Medium or narrow NARO size. The spare parts available separately can be used to fit the glasses to the shape of the Universal Fit nose piece, which is a definition of models whose design fits well to the head of each user. NARO, on the other hand, is a solution dedicated to people with narrow faces.
Measurement method: internal width between hinges, height, temple length.


ESS spectacles from ICE an Cross series, due to quick change lens system are available in various combinations. Depending on the version, the box may only contain a pair of glasses or an extended set with specific accessories. In ESS models we distinguish the following available sets: